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DVDYou are about to experience
The Next Level of
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and Philosophy pertaining to the Evolution of Mankind


This DVD assembles the facts derived from science, prophecy, world religions & real life supernatural experiences to present a big picture breakthrough on the coming New Age of Spiritual Evolution. This documentary will, without a doubt, raise your faith no matter what your current beliefs. This DVD is PACKED with information that will propel you to be a part of the ascension process & understand your full potential.

Raise your Faith & Prepare for The Golden Age!

Christopher has studied these topics in detail for Over a DECADE and he has been disappointed with most of the material that he has reviewed, because their content lacks new information & documentation of their theories. A lot of films just drag on for the entire movie just talking about very general "titles" of topics instead of really digging into the topics at hand and then supplying multiple theories based on several sources to give the viewer a Wide Perspective of DEEP THOUGHT, like we do.

The Great Thing about Christopher's Teachings is that they are also based on REAL LIFE SUPERNATURAL EXPERIENCES. Christopher has been BLESSED with the ability to dig deep into the MYSTERIES of almost any interesting topic you can imagine and then HE IS GUIDED by SUPERNATURAL CONFIRMATIONS that lead him to several MIND EXPANDING probable theories and TRUTHS. The culmination of information & experience gathered after 1st studying Prophecy for 7 years, then Christopher started seeing the Powerful Heavenly Portal open that is related to the RAPTURE EVENTS which has happened hundreds of times since 2007! There have been many other Exciting SUPERNATURAL EVENTS (that can be shared with you during our PRIVATE OR GROUP MEETINGS) {click MEETINGS TAB}. These experiences are so VAST, that Christopher felt obligated to share this with The TRUE SEEKERS. So obligated, that he sacrificed much to be able to invest in this film, so he can now share this SACRED EXPERIENCE with you!

Within our videos, you will see that we boldly give MORE INFORMATION to help the viewer Expand on Powerful Theories and most importantly ~ Holy Scriptures are abundantly referenced & Scientific Facts are also documented to support our theories.

In addition, people NATURALLY LEARN MORE through our ENHANCED VISUAL LEARNING PROCESS. We have invested heavily in acting out various scenes & adding animation to help give you examples of what you can do & what you can visualize to increase your chances of also experiencing the supernatural revelations that are linked to the rapture & evolution in general.

We hope you enjoy our videos, information and our website in general.


Daniel 12:4 Daniel, conceal these words and seal up the book until the end of time; many will go back and forth, and knowledge will increase.

NEW BOOKS ARE READY TO BE REVEALED & through these books we are able to grasp a better understanding of Ancient Parables. Hundreds of scriptures are referenced within our DVD from a Variety of ANCIENT TEXTS that have been hidden and/or overlooked for too long, such as key scriptures found within The Dead Sea Scrolls, The Apocrypha, Gnostic Gospels, the Holy Bible & other World Religions to give us a ONENESS of UNDERSTANDING.

When you see unrelated sources telling you the same thing; you then acquire the key to the door that can burst into the LIGHT PATH of TRUTH where you should allow your mind to FLOW Passionately! This is EXACTLY what is done within our DVD.

Acts 2:17 and it shall be in the LAST DAYS,' God says, That I will pour forth of my spirit on all mankind; and your sons and your daughters Shall PROPHECY, and your Young Men SHALL SEE VISIONS, and your old men Shall DREAM Dreams.

We must IMBRACE OUR NEW ABILITIES that are EVOLVING if we want to MEET OUR POTENTIAL. *+* BE SURE TO ALSO CLICK THE "ABOUT US" TAB & the 5 additional links within it to learn more about our Foundation from which we RISE.

Christopher will also PROVE that the following SIGNIFICANT Topics are Linked like NEVER BEFORE:

We have the knowledge that can help BRING MANKIND TOGETHER to SEE THE BIG PICTURE. One of our main goals is to have the people who think more on a Scientific Frequency to see how Religious Philosophy & Supernatural Experiences are connected to SCIENCE. They will see that these spiritual experiences can now be documented much clearer than ever before!

We can also help a Religious and/or Spiritual Person to see the Scientific Perspective as well, so both can better understand how this Very Significant Material is all Interlinked by GOD's HAND & then work together on Expanding our Mind & Spirit in preparation for Direct Communication with God & His Angels!

We have a PLETHORA of PERTINENT INFORMATION that Science, Religion & History have been arguing about for too long! We have the ability to give each willing person the opportunity to OBTAIN a VAST PORTION of KNOWLEDGE in a short period of time.

Below are a few of the Main Topics that are thoroughly discussed within the Lost Testament of The Light DVD:

  1. Seeing the Big Picture & why it is Probable that we are Living in the Latter Days & why this is Good.

  2. Realizing where we Truly are & our Full Potential.

  3. How to Receive Knowledge from The Light & Establish Communication with God & His Angels in Preparation for the Ascension / Rapture.

  4. Meditation & Deep Prayer are Universal Teachings that can be found in most World Religions & is a Critical Key to Spiritual Evolution. We teach you how to meditate and why you should.

  5. What information is contained within the Pyramids & Ancient Egyptology? What do the Wise Egyptians say about The Light? We also show the major correlations between Christianity & Ancient Egypt.

Once you become a client, you will certainly appreciate this extra resource of information that is made available to you. The Positive Philosophical Perspective presented within our work is geared to assist each person through RAISING Their FAITH & KNOWLEDGE LEVELS so they can have a better chance to Fulfill Their Destiny while teaching them to live their lives at the CUTTING EDGE of their POTENTIAL !

We hope you enjoy the preview of our new DVD Release and our website in general.