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We assemble the facts derived from Science, Prophecy, World Religions, Current Events & Real Life Supernatural Experiences to present a Big Picture Breakthrough on the coming New Age.

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Christopher can answer your deeper questions about his research. We work together using philosophical viewpoints to unlock new theories & analyze probable scenarios that can lead you to a brighter future.

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Raise your Faith & Prepare for The Golden Age!

Christopher has studied these topics in Great Detail since 2002. Ascend Philosophy LLC has been established to give people access to knowledge they Can USE to Grow Closer to God & His Kingdom!

We present mind blowing theories about supernatural experiences related to our hidden potential & how you can experience the Presence of God, Angels, Higher Dimensional Beings, Cosmic Consciousness... This EXPERIENCE can be described in many diverse ways.

Our theories are supported by respected professionals within the Scientific Community & also backed by correlations within not just one religion, but multiple religions.

Within the guidelines of Fair Use Law, we are also able to show you how these unbelievable prophecies & events are being shown in music & major Hollywood Films.

These practices are brought to life by creative & entertaining animation, live videos & beautiful photos that always bring our theories to life through our Unmatched Visual Learning Capabilities.

The Great Thing about Christopher's Teachings is that they are also based on REAL LIFE SUPERNATURAL EXPERIENCES. These Episodes will GUIDE YOU to several MIND EXPANDING Probable Theories & TRUTHS.

These experiences are so VAST & IMPORTANT, that Christopher felt obligated to share this with The TRUE SEEKERS. So obligated, that he sacrificed much to be able to invest in this film, so he can now share this SACRED EXPERIENCE with you!

Within our videos, you will see that we boldly give MORE INFORMATION to help viewers Further Expand on Powerful Theories & most importantly ~ Holy Scriptures are abundantly referenced & Scientific Facts are also documented to support our theories.

In addition, people NATURALLY LEARN MORE through our ENHANCED VISUAL LEARNING PROCESS. We have invested heavily in acting out various scenes & adding animation to help give you examples of what you can do & what you can visualize to increase your chances of also experiencing the supernatural revelations that are linked to being part of The Rapture & Evolution in general.

We hope you enjoy our videos, information & SHARE.

are Based Upon:

Daniel 12:4 Conceal these words, seal up the book until the end of time & knowledge will increase.

NEW BOOKS ARE READY TO BE REVEALED & through these books, we are able to grasp a better understanding of Ancient Parables. Hundreds of scriptures are referenced within our episodes from a Variety of ANCIENT TEXTS that have been hidden &/or overlooked for too long, such as key scriptures found within The Dead Sea Scrolls, The Apocrypha, Gnostic Gospels, the Holy Bible & other World Religions to give us a ONENESS of UNDERSTANDING.

When you see unrelated sources proposing the same hypothesis; you then acquire the key to the door that can spark your neurons enabling you to see The LIGHT PATH of TRUTH where you should allow your mind to FLOW Passionately!

Acts 2:17 It shall be in the LAST DAYS,' God says, That I will pour forth of my spirit on all mankind; your sons & your daughters Shall PROPHECY, your Young Men SHALL SEE VISIONS & your old men Shall DREAM Dreams.


Christopher will also PROVE that the following
SIGNIFICANT Topics are Linked like NEVER BEFORE:

* Biblical Prophecy & New Age Prophecy!

* Adam’s, Ezekiel's & Nathanael's ability to OPEN the Gates of Heaven are possible today for the righteous & how this is Linked to the RAPTURE / ASCENSION!

We have the knowledge to BRING MANKIND TOGETHER. One of our main goals is to have the people who think more on a Scientific Frequency to see how Religious Philosophy & Supernatural Experiences are connected to SCIENCE. They will see that these spiritual experiences can now be documented much clearer than ever before!

We can also help a Religious or Spiritual Person see the Scientific Perspective as well, so both can better understand how this Very Significant Material is all Interlinked by GOD's HAND & then work together on Expanding our Mind & Spirit in preparation for Direct Communication with God & His Angels!

We have a PLETHORA of PERTINENT INFORMATION that Science, Religion & History have been arguing about for too long! We have the ability to give each willing person the opportunity to OBTAIN a VAST PORTION of KNOWLEDGE in a short period of time.

The Positive Philosophical Perspective presented within our work is geared to assist each person by RAISING their FAITH & KNOWLEDGE LEVELS, so they can have a better chance to Fulfill their Destiny while teaching them to live at the CUTTING EDGE of their POTENTIAL !

We hope you make the most
of this opportunity !