Private or Group Meetings

We teach each student, brother or sister how to ascend to a higher plane of existence and become a more conscious being.

The core concentrations are:

Christopher offers private or group lessons on the beautiful Southeastern Coast of Florida.

During your private or group lesson, you will be shown many examples and we will walk you through how to put yourself in real life situations that will increase your chances of having a supernatural experience with your creator. Once you have this experience, you will receive a multitude of peace like never before!

Our mission is to make it easier for certain people to understand ancient texts handed down from God to man thousands of years ago. God wrote these messages to His people so they would take this material literally and be excited about obtaining an eternal life of true peace and to truly experience enlightenment.

This is SO VERY IMPORTANT. Each person owes it to themselves and to their soul to dedicate a portion of their life to think deeply about these parables and take the time necessary to consider all options with an open mind and investigate them thoroughly.

Our services make this process efficient and to the point, thus giving you a ton of information surrounding our philosophy which will make you feel very comfortable with taking this spiritual journey.