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These videos are from our documentary named
The Lost Testament of the Light.
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Take a deeper look into extra dimensions by analyzing perspectives from Harvard & Columbia University Physicists. We also show how you can use music & exercise to enter higher dimensions by utilizing studies from Yale & Brown University. Divine experiences documented in Holy Books from Multiple Religions also correlate with entering higher heavenly dimensions. Let us put these pieces together.


Take an in-depth look into scriptures & prophecies regarding the transformational powers of our Sun. We supply you with the scientific & historical proof concerning portals. Christopher gives a detailed description of how to see & connect with the sacred portal energy & heavenly sources to communicate with God, Angels, etc.

Hollywood & Physicists discuss New Planets, Alignments, Prophecy & Evolution Part 1

We show you Hidden Messages w/in Major Blockbuster Films from Hollywood 🎥 & how Scientific Discoveries align with Prophecy to give you a better understanding of our current situation here on 🌏 Earth.

Disclosure Pt2: Cosmic Awareness, Angels & ETs Return

Gain deeper knowledge from Higher Dimensions & The Secret Space Program 🚀 to better understand how Latter Day Prophecies 📖 are being fulfilled.

History & Prophecy Unlock Your Potential

We explore the ancient past to uncover truths & unravel our hidden potential through analyzing prophetic perspectives. These videos are about a young mans heavenly portal vision & his journey to better understand the correlations between ancient wisdom, world religions, prophecy & modern science. Our goal is to gain a deeper understanding of supernatural experiences & the evolution that humanity can experience during the coming Golden Age.

Meditation + Prayer = Results

We explain how to open the 3rd eye & expand consciousness through understanding the similarities between meditation & prayer. We also analyze Christian & Eastern Religious text to understand the oneness of illuminating the soul/spirit.

Ancient Egyptian Wisdom

We unlock doors to open the mind to the Ancient Wisdom of Egypt & the correlations with other current religions & sacred text. Signs from The Ancient Builder Race.