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These videos are from our documentary named
The Lost Testament of the Light.
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Quantum Entanglement + Sun Gazing = Evolution
*Connect with Star Systems of The Universe

Hidden Holy Scriptures, Hollywood Movie clips, interviews with Physicists & World Leaders clarify complex theories to help Connect US with The Cosmos using LIGHT from Distant Star Systems. Combine Knowledge from Science & Religions to unlock Greater Wisdom & Experience The Presence of those who dwell in Distant Eternal Realms. Best Ascension Video about The Light Language.


Take a deeper look into extra dimensions by analyzing perspectives from Harvard & Columbia University Physicists. We also show how you can use music & exercise to enter higher dimensions by utilizing studies from Yale & Brown University. Divine experiences documented in Holy Books from Multiple Religions also correlate with entering higher heavenly dimensions. Let us put these pieces together.


Learn how music can help you enter the 4th Dimension & Higher Realms as Christopher shows you how to Shift your Vibrational Frequency into The 5th Dimension aka 5d & even Higher Heavenly Realities. Cutting Edge Modern Science & Philosophy explain how these experiences are possible for you by participating in Divine Nature & Sun Worship. Prepare by practicing for the Rapture event through Kundalini Awakening. Perspectives within this episode have the potential to help you experience the Apocalypse, that is… to experience what you previous thought was wrong or impossible. Learn how to detect & decode signs from heaven to unravel Biblical Truth & Awaken Christian Beliefs. Expand Consciousness & Esoteric Wisdom to understand Multi Dimensional Angels such as Uriel who guards the Sun Gate to Higher Worlds. Communicate with The Light Language through the use of Star Gates to unlimited worlds. Fire your neurons at the Speed of Light such as Hermes to Transverse Timelines & Parallel Worlds to access knowledge from Akashic Records of Infinite Wisdom. Do not get left behind & become stuck in the 3d world. Instead, move forward into the Golden Age of Light, which is the next phase of God’s creation plan for humanity. Increase your Ascension Energy today.


Take an in-depth look into Christian Scriptures & Prophecies regarding the Transformational Powers of our Sun. Many of these events are acted out & shown in detail through video animation to show ways you can also experience The Supernatural. Make contact & evolve your relationship! Toward the end of the episode, we supply you with the scientific & historical evidence to prove these powerful dimensional portals exist. Christopher also gives a detailed description of how you can see the Sacred Portal Energy in order to connect with heavenly sources of information. Be noticed by & communicate with God, Angels, ETs etc.

Hollywood & Physicists discuss New Planets, Alignments, Prophecy & Evolution Part 1

We show you Hidden Messages w/in Major Blockbuster Films from Hollywood πŸŽ₯ & how Scientific Discoveries align with Prophecy to give you a better understanding of our current situation here on 🌏 Earth.

Disclosure Pt2: Cosmic Awareness, Angels & ETs Return

Gain deeper knowledge from Higher Dimensions & The Secret Space Program πŸš€ to better understand how Latter Day Prophecies πŸ“– are being fulfilled.

History & Prophecy Unlock Your Potential

We explore the ancient past to uncover truths & unravel our hidden potential through analyzing prophetic perspectives. These videos are about a young mans heavenly portal vision & his journey to better understand the correlations between ancient wisdom, world religions, prophecy & modern science. Our goal is to gain a deeper understanding of supernatural experiences & the evolution that humanity can experience during the coming Golden Age.

Meditation + Prayer = Results

We explain how to open the 3rd eye & expand consciousness through understanding the similarities between meditation & prayer. We also analyze Christian & Eastern Religious text to understand the oneness of illuminating the soul/spirit.

Ancient Egyptian Wisdom

We unlock doors to open the mind to the Ancient Wisdom of Egypt & the correlations with other current religions & sacred text. Signs from The Ancient Builder Race.