Click to buy -The Lost Testament of the Light - DVD - $11

Click to buy -The Lost Testament of the Light - DVD Buy the DVD Today! Run Time = 1 hour & 54 minutes

Below are a few of the Main Topics that are thoroughly discussed within "The Lost Testament of The Light" DVD:

We will look deeply at the following key topics:

1. Seeing the Big Picture and why it is probable that we are living in the Last Days and why this is good.

2. Realizing where we truly are and our Full Potential.

3. How to receive knowledge from the Light and establish communication with
God and His Angels in preparation for the Ascension.

4. Meditation/Deep Prayer is a Universal Teaching that can be found in most World Religions
and is one of the keys to Spiritual Evolution. We teach you to meditate and why you should.

5. What information is contained within the Pyramids and Ancient Egyptology? What do the Wise Egyptians say about the Light? We also show the major correlations between Christianity and Ancient Egypt.

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